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An experienced field team with the proper equipment is the most vital element in sewer evaluation services

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CCTV/Sonar/Laser Inspections

Goel Services maintains a state of the art CCTV inspection system and has inspected over 200 miles of sanitary and storm sewers. Goel also performs Light & Heavy cleaning of sanitary and storm sewers. Goel has a new array of CCTV pipe-line inspection equipment featuring:

Sonar Profiler

  • Goel offers sonar inspection services that are designed to provide accurate dimensional data on silt/grease levels, pipe deformation, and offsets below the waterline.
  • We operate in pipes, lines or siphons greater > than 12 inches in diameter, as well as in both fully surcharged and partially surcharged lines.
  • We save time because bypass pumping is not needed.

Laser Profiler

  • Goel offers both light ring projection and 3D profiling laser inspections to ensure our clients receive the most complete assessments possible.
  • We can accurately measure deformation and dimensional anomalies found in sewer mains and storm drains.
Wastewater Services: CCTV Inspections

Goel Services utilizes Pipelogix as well as Cues Granite XP Software
for CCTV and Sonar inspections, this software features:

  • Complete pipe PACP defect code set.
  • Choice of report formats.


  • Inspect 6"-30" mainlines and 3"-8" lateral services.
  • Lateral camera Includes built-in auto upright feature keeps the image stabilized at all times.
  • Built-in Sonde in the lateral camera for locating.
  • Maximum clearance in a 6" diameter line.
  • Traverses 45 degree bends in lateral services.
  • Lateral inspections allow the client to locate utilities prior to construction projects and cleanouts, as well as to identify sources of inflow and infiltration.
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